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The Ceylon Tea Company

We apologize, but our website is temporarily offline as we restructure our services to provide you with the best available products.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

 Join the Club! - The Ceylon Tea Club:

The Sri Lanka  Tea Board's famed 'Lion' logo is the
certifying endorsement of Pure Ceylon Tea.

  • Two things that are vitally important to us at The Ceylon Tea Company - treating people the way we would want to be treated, and being environmentally respectful of our planet.
  • Our employees are treated with dignity and respect and rewarded with fair wages.
  • We give back: a percentage of our profits is returned to local communities in the form of donations to local charitable organizations.
  • In the plantation industry there are many certifications issued by various authorities worldwide, regulating the human rights of employees and the impact of the industry on the environment. Global Compact, initiated by the United Nations, is the overarching certification in this regard. The plantations and processing plants of the The Ceylon Tea Company have received this esteemed certification.